Our breakfasts are made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Some typical menus: frittata made with local wild salmon, barbecued with alder in our back yard; tomato tart filled with herbs and tomatoes from our garden; lemon ricotta pancakes served with rosemary ham.

Homemade preserves, fresh bread, croissants, scones, or muffins and fresh juices accompany all our breakfasts.  We support our local organic farmers and use only free-range eggs.  We grind our own fair trade coffee beans fresh each day to ensure a superior product, and offer hot chocolate and an assortment of teas.

We serve a different hot breakfast each day. However, we know that some guests prefer to be flexible about getting-up times, or have larger or smaller morning appetites.  During COVID-19 times, we are unable to offer the usual range of self-serve options but we can discuss your needs at check-in.

Guests may also consider our “no breakfast” option ($20 off the room rate).

Hot beverages are available 24/7.

With sufficient notice, we can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. Please alert us to any food allergies.

Kitsilano Kiwi

This is our 2010 harvest.

Grape Jelly

Grown in our back yard, made into jelly in our kitchen.

Backyard blueberries

Our first picking in 2013.