Stay home if you feel ill.

What you need to know about your stay during COVID-19


We follow the advice and guidance of local health authorities to ensure we are providing the safest possible experience for guests as well as staff. We ask that you respect all physical distancing and safety measures during your stay.



We look forward to welcoming you if you have been in Canada for at least two weeks.


If you are feeling unwell, you must stay home. Our cancellation policy is relaxed so there will be no financial penalty.


Maintain a safe distance.

If you’ve stayed with us before, you will notice some changes as we adapt to the new normal.


In general:

You’ll find us wearing a face mask during check-in, while we’re showing you around, while we’re frequently cleaning often-touched surfaces, and when we’re serving breakfast.

Bedrooms will be empty for at least a day between stays for a thorough airing and even more fastidious than usual cleaning.

The British India Room will be unavailable, minimizing stairway encounters as only two bedrooms on the top floor will be occupied.

Wear a mask when needed.

In common areas:

Hand sanitizer is outside of all entry doors; we ask that you use it before coming inside. We have a small supply of masks on hand for guests who do not have their own at check-in.

Most of the dining room chairs have been put away so guests can be safely distant.

The WC is closed.

Cosy throws for cooler evenings on the verandas or back garden patio will be in your room instead of on the chairs.

Dishes and cutlery to make take-out meals a little classier will be available in the Guest Cupboard.


Wash your hands often.

In your bedroom:

We’ve swapped out the duvets for bedding that we can launder more easily.

Spare blankets, pillows, etc. will be in the wardrobe in your room instead of in the Guest Cupboard.

As per current public health regulations we are not permitted to do daily housekeeping in your room during your stay.

We provide a list of nearby restaurants offering take-out/delivery, and those that are open to dine in.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.