Dining Room

 Our logo fills two windows in the dining room.

Take it home!

Our guests receive a rosewood and stainless steel corkscrew to use while they are with us, and to take home as a memento of their stay.
The stained glass version is 21" by 48" (121 cm by 53 cm).

Plant's "Magic"

A British patent by W. H. Plant,  June 10,  1905.

Our Edwardian bedroom window versions each measure about 16" by 29" (40 cm by 72 cm).

Pocket Corkscrews

This original woodwork is one hundred years old in 2012.


This American patent by W. R. Clough,  October 18, 1900, is known to collectors as the "Bull-Dog."
Our Arizona bathroom version is approximately 11" by 28" (28 cm by 70 cm).


A late 19th century French combination pocket corkscrew, foil cutter and knife.
Our stained glass French bathroom version is approximately 11" by 28" (28 cm by 70 cm).  The circle is, of course, a bubble.

Mannekin Pis

You'll have to look beyond the door to our powder room to see the collection of crude interpretations of Brussels' famous cherub.

Syroco Gang

See the Museum's Corkscrews section for information about the models for these dignified figures.

This set of panels shelters our north veranda.

Edwardian Room

A British "peg and worm" pocket corkscrew, circa 1900.
Our Edwardian bathroom version is approximately 11" by 34" (28 cm by 86 cm).


French triple-threat:  Our French bedroom's French doors feature French corkscrews.
The Zig-Zag offers great mechanical advantage.

British India

An English patent by C. Hull from February 26, 1864, this corkscrew is known to collectors as the "Royal Club."
Our British India bedroom window version measures approximately 29" by 16" (72 cm by 40 cm).

Picnic Corkscrew

This is a late 18th century English picnic corkscrew. The sheath acts as a "T" handle when it is inserted through the ring.
Our stained glass British India bathroom version is about 11" by 28" (28 cm by 70 cm).

Negbaur Parrot

An American design patent by M. Avillar,  May 21, 1929.
Our Art Deco bathroom window version is approximately 11" by 28" (28 cm by 70 cm).

Art Deco balcony railing

No corkscrew here, just a nifty art deco design.

Picnic Penguin

An American design patent from 1933, the work of Kurt Rettich.

Our Art Deco bedroom version is about 17" by 22" (42cm by 54cm).


Our upstairs hall skylight design was inspired by the decoration on an Alexanderwerk bar corkscrew.  It is in four sections and measures about 3 by 6 feet (.9 by 1.8 metres).

North Veranda

The west railing marries the colours from the Syroco Gang with the arts and crafts motif of the dining room windows.

North Veranda Peg & Worm

The east railing features a British peg and worm pocket corkscrew.

Charles Rennie MacIntosh

CRM was a heavy influence on these patio doors in the Arizona Room.