While the Corkscrew Inn wine museum is dedicated to devices used to remove a cork from a bottle, it also houses many antique tools used in the vineyard and in wine production, as well as items used to bottle and consume wine.

For more than two hundred years, corkscrews have been manufactured in a vast range of designs and sizes. They opened bottles of everything - not just wine.  Some of the tinier examples were made to open medicine, cologne or shoe polish.  Many of the bar corkscrews were invented to make beer-opening more efficient.  Other mounted corkscrews were for home use in the kitchen. 

You'll find the museum on the ground floor, through the door on the west side of the house. 

The image on the mosaic floor is of an Arcade bar corkscrew.  Its many pieces of glass were placed there in 2004.

Our private museum is for the enjoyment of guests at the Corkscrew Inn, not the general public.  Bring your own picnic; we'll supply the wine glasses and candles.

Wine Museum

Corkscrews Galore

Old and new world antique corkscrews cover the west wall of our wine museum.

The Arcade

This classic bar corkscrew is the inspiration for our mosaic floor.

Bottles and Glasses

Some of the items on display are nearly three hundred years old!

The world's first steam-powered corkscrew!

 Conceived of and crafted by Wayne.